Belize - A Recap From AG & HB

A Belize recap from our youngest trip members, Anna Grace & Haley:

When we arrived in Belize, the Cosners welcomed us into their home. It was our first time meeting their daughters, Risse (16) and Cadyn (13). We enjoyed spending time with them all week.

There is a sweet family that lives in an apartment behind the church. Adrian is the caretaker for St. Andrews Presbyterian Church; he and his wife, Monique are members of the church. They have 2 adorable little girls named Ariana (3) and Bubbles (2). We played with the girls all week while their parents were helping out.

During the week, we did some painting inside the church, we cleaned & waxed the pews and swept the floor. We also cleaned up trash around the outside of the church. Wednesday some of the team went fishing and caught around 50 fish. We used that fish to serve to the community around the church. In total we prepared about  450 meals the whole week. Several times we actually walked around the community and handed out the meals. It was fun to meet some of the people near the church. 

St. Andrews has a really cool bell tower that they use to let people know that church is about to start on Sundays. So our team would ring the bell to let people know we were coming out to serve meals. We were able to ring the bell a few times that week. That was a lot of fun!

We used a 12 passenger van to get around town all week. There are a lot of random speed bumps in Belize; some of them are just big ropes laid across the street. This made for a very bumpy van ride every day. We wanted to sit in the very back of the van because that was where the fun was and where you felt the bumps the most.

Going to Belize was a great experience. We felt helpful and productive and were blessed with new friends and some great relationships. We both feel like we’d love to go back to Belize one day soon. To learn more about the Cosners and their work, see their page here.

Anna Grace Grattan
Haley Beamer