Belize Team Update

The focus of this year’s summer trip will be supporting St. Andrews Church in downtown Belize City. St Andrew’s leadership yearns to be known as a church that takes care of the poor in their community. While in Belize, our team will help equip the church with outdoor cooking and/or dining facilities, as well as get to do some cooking with the church members as together we feed some of the homeless and hungry population of Belize City.  Additionally, an integral part of our work on the trip will be to provide encouragement to the Cosners, who are our supported long term missionaries in Belize. 

We seek to do avoid short term “one and done” type of trips, but instead to cultivate an ongoing partnership with the long term missionaries and nationals.  Short term trips work best when the team members are not primarily concerned with their experience on the trip, but how each person can assist, encourage and serve the local missionaries.  We strive to do things with people rather than for people, understand the context of the place we will be visiting, and keep an eye out for how God is working in the world, which further motivates us to join what He is doing right here at home. 

Stay tuned to this blog to get updates before, during, and after the trip!