Finding a church to call home is difficult! And not just because every church is different, and not even because walking in for the first time feels so awkward. Finding a church to call home is difficult because church is difficult. How can you mix the unique God of the Bible with people who (despite their best effort) can’t seem to live up to what they want to be? We’re all left with three options: 1) Downplay God’s standards so we can all feel “OK” with just being OK, 2) Uphold God’s standards and then pretend we’re all doing fine, or 3) Uphold both God’s standards and be open about who we really are. The first two options can give you either hope or truth but only option three can give you both. Rather, only Jesus can give you both, because only he is “full of grace and truth”. Grace Pres is a place for those who are done with the first two options, whether you consider yourself a Christian or not. If you’ve never seen this kind of church, the only thing I can say is “come and see.”