A place for strugglers to hope, skeptics to encounter, and religious to find freedom. Come as you are, knowing that meeting Him will never leave you the same.



Join us at 10AM every Sunday to worship God with his people. Give us a visit!


At Grace Presbyterian Church, we believe that we were created to worship God, and we desire for our congregation to worship together in one spirit, as one body of believers, giving our praises to the One God who is worthy of worship alone.

Our desire is to worship God in all aspects of our life. As John Piper puts it, “worship is not a means but it is the end.” Worship is an integral part of our lives as believers in Jesus Christ. We believe that true worship is the act of ascribing honor and majesty to our Creator and it is vertical in direction – directed to God alone. We believe that true worship extends beyond Sunday morning to every aspect of our lives – we are to practice it corporately, within our families, and privately. We desire to worship God with our hearts, our souls and our minds, and we do so through our praise and thanksgiving, through our acts of service, and through the giving of our tithes and offerings.

Worship will be central in the life of heaven… it must be central in the life of the church on earth…
— ESV Reformation Study Bible, God’s Pattern for Worship


In John 4; Jesus tells the woman at the well that true worshippers will worship Him in spirit and in truth. Because we have been transformed by the Grace of God, we also will worship Him passionately in spirit and in truth. We incorporate a variety of music into our services, some old hymns and some modern praise songs, led by our worship team and band, and we focus on the importance of rich theology in the songs we sing. We also incorporate creeds and responsive readings in order to connect with the history of our faith.

We want you to come as you are and to join us in worshiping our Savior, Christ the Lord! You will never be the same.